Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Marvel Daredevil Season 1 Episode 2- Cut Man

Matt in a dumpster.  Sometimes when you loose you can still win.  Matt has lost a big battle against Hell's Kitchen darkness, but he still wins by being found by a new friend, Claire.  Who turns out to be a nurse, and Matt is going to need her help many times.

Battling Jack Murdock, Matt's dad, advised his young son, "It's not how many times you get knocked down Matty, it's how you get up."  And Matt will get up.  He was knocked by a group of evil men who had kidnapped a boy, but he will get back up. The kid was kidnapped by the Russian mafia as a trap to draw in the man in the black mask, and they proceeded to knock him down.  But he will get back up.

Claire wants to know about Matt, but the less about Matt she knows the better is Matt's opinion.  So she nicknames him Mike, after a former boyfriend who was good a keeping secrets.  She does know that Mike/Matt inherited taking a beating from his dad.  She had to patch up his dad's side.  She also knows he is blind, but Matt/Mike informs her there is more than one way to see.  Matt can sense people from far away, and he saves them from danger.  The Russians are looking for the man in the black mask who got away from their grasp.  They have tracked him to Claire's.

Meanwhile Foggy and Karen are getting to know each other, by drinking and bad acting.

After Matt kindly persuades some information on the kidnapped boys whereabouts from one of the Russians.  He decided it's time to get up.  His dad refused to stay down.  Jack Murdock was paid to take a dive in a boxing match by gamblers, but he finally stood up and refused to be that type of man.  It cost him his life.  Matt in his black mask goes to face unbelievable odds to save this kidnapped boys life, even if it costs him his own.  With one of the best fight scenes you will ever see, the man in the black mask gets that kidnapped boy back home to his dad.  

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