Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Marvel Daredevil Season 1 Episode 1-Into The Ring

Confession is good for the soul.  I love Matt Murdock's relationship with his priest, Father Lantom. Matt and other characters working out good and evil are a main theme throughout the season.  One of the first views we have of Matt Murdock, Daredevil, is him working out his salvation with fear and trembling.

Right away we see Matt Murdock struggling with wanting to do good, but doing it in a bad way.  He has daddy issues.  He confesses to his priest how his father, Jack Murdock, as a boxer would trap men in the corner and let the devil out.  Matt as Daredevil would do this as well, he would trap men in alleys and let the devil out.

Matt is confessing sins he has not committed yet.  Father Lantom informs Matt it does not work that way.  Better late than never they say, well Matt believes in better early than never.  Matt dawns his black masks and stops sex traffickers, but as the police are arriving to take them away he beats one fiend bloody.  Matt doing good, but just beyond good and just beyond the law. He traps them in a corner and lets the devil out.

Karen Page, framed for murder, needs a couple of good samaritans to defend her. Enter Nelson and Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock attorneys at law, to defend her innocence.  Her good Samaritan has a hidden side, a blind side.  Karen cannot keep her secrets from Daredevils honed senses.  He saves her with his fists but also with he daredevil heightened senses.  He saves her by getting the documents she had borrowed from her former company, Alliance United, into the authorities hands. Karen is saved and she finds a home with Nelson and Murdock attorneys at law.

Hell's Kitchen has almost collapsed.  It is trying to rebuild but the corruption is to great.  Someone is pulling the strings in Hell's Kitchen and Matt Murdock, the man in the black mask, is pulling back.

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