Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Marvel Daredevil Season 1 Episode 3-Rabbit In A Snowstorm

Matt Murdock defending a guilty man, Healy, by the letter of the law. Healy is a murderer who has killed another murderer, but Matt defends him.  He does this because he was to see where Healy will lead him. Healy is connected to the crime ring, Matt is wanting to break down.

Closing argument from Matt.  We do question morality in this courtroom.  We do not question right and wrong. In the courtroom Healy must be set free because of self defence.  That is the letter of the law.  Outside the courtroom he may face a judgment of his own making. I wonder what that is foreshadowing?

Healy is set free in the courtroom.  Healy is set free by the letter of the law.  Outside the courtroom in an alley Healy faces Daredevils form of justice of his own making.  Or at least that is the way Matt sees it.  Through force Healy gives up a name, a name that shall not be spoken, Wilson Fisk.  He calls the man in the black mask for not killing him.  Healy feels as good as dead after giving up the name Fisk.  So he promptly ends his own life in that courtroom alley.

We meet Mr Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, for the first time.  He is in an art gallery starring at white painting,  Rabbit In A Snowstorm.  He tells the art gallery director, Vanessa, "This Painting makes me feel alone."  Mr Fisk will consistently feel alone.


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