Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walking With Jesus: Putting Things In There Place

I have 10 things that I want to do.  I start reading a chapter in a book that I doing for an upcoming sermon series, but while I am in the middle of one paragraph I start thinking about writing this blog. Wait, what did I just read?  My mind is all over the place therefore I am accomplishing nothing. I also am not enjoying the thing I am doing because I am three tasks down the road.

Have you ever been praying, sitting with Jesus, trying to sit quiet, and thinking about the meeting you have at 10 a.m?  Or is that just me.

Interruptions are the worst.  I had a plan, when the phone rang, when my wife texted, or my daughter asked me to help her study.  These things are ruining my plan and ruining my life. Wait a second, maybe they are not ruining my life.  Maybe they are my life.  Maybe if I don't have relationships and a few interruptions, I have nothing to pray, blog, or meet about.  

So I am learning to put things in their place.  One thing at a time. I write down the things that need to be done, and I will get to them.  Or sometimes I won't.  But that is ok too.  The interruptions are my life, they are actually my life, and my to do list is an interruption to my real life.  

So I want to schedule my time rightly.  And when it is time to do a particular task focus on that until it is done or for a particular amount of time.  When my life comes along, the most important things, I put my to do list in it's place.  Yes, Yes, Yes, I know there may be times when I need to knuckle down(whatever that means) and work without any interruptions, but that is the exception not the rule.

I want to put the big stones in the jar first.  My God, then my family, then my relationships, then growing personally, then my job(s).  If I put things in their place I will not feel cramped. 

How do you put things in their place?

God Bless You

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