Monday, December 8, 2014

Walking With Jesus-Look, Listen, Silence, Smile

Look- may be my hardest part of walking with jesus.  I get so caught up in myself.  Partly because of my poor eyesight, partly it is easier to not look.  Not to look around at my family, world, beauty.  It is easier to be locked in myself.  But I purposely look at the world.  I want to see beauty.  I want to see people.  I want to see God.

Listen- I am getting better at this.  I think, I better ask my wife.  Hope I listen to what she says.  I want to listen to God.  Don't try and control him.  I don't want to figure everything out every bit of theology.  I have to remind myself of that, because I am a figure it outer.  But I sit with Jesus, and listen to him.  I want to listen to people, especially those closest to me.  I don't want to control people, just listen.  This is hard to learn.  Jesus help me

Silence- We live in a loud world.  I like it quiet.  Especially in the morning.  I am turning down the noise in my life.  I like quiet music.  That goes against my 17 year old self that blasted Enter Sandman.

Smile-Not too many teeth.  Just show some dimples.  My facial expression can change my attitude. Kind of a smirk.  As opposed to a scowl.

What is partly wrong with our country.  We do not look or listen to our enemies.  Looking and listening is loving our enemies.  We have our minds made up.  We yell our well thought out opinions, backed up by our favorite form of 24/7 entertainment choices.  Silence is no where to be heard, so to speak.  And we scowl at them, whoever the them may be.  No courteous smile for a them.

I recommend this sermon by Pastor Brian Zahnd.

God bless you.

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