Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Walking With Jesus- Love Your Family, Friends, Church




My two greatest roles are to be a husband and a father, but those are not my only roles.

I try to pray daily for my family, friends, and church

I start with my mother and stepfather.  I pray God's blessing upon them.  My stepfather has Alzheimer's and diabetes, so I pray for whatever need he may be having that day.  I move to my three sisters.  They live in South Carolina.  I do not get to see them often, but I still pray for them daily.  If there is another family member who needs a specific prayer, i.e. my nephew and his wife are having a baby, I will pray for them. 

I then move to my wife's side of the family.  Yes I even pray for my in laws.  I pray for Monica's parents, 2 sisters, their children, and her grandparents daily.  And if there is a pressing need for another family member I will pray for that.

I pray for my friends.  Some for salvation.  Some for a need they may have.  All for God's blessing. I focus on one daily, that God would bless them.

Then I pray for my church, Living Hope Assembly of God.  I pray that God would make me a better pastor.  I pray that we would have salvations, water baptisms, be filled with the Spirit, etc.  I also pray for an individual in the church on a daily basis for God to bless them.  Today I prayed for a lady named Mary.  

I do all of this is about 5 to 10 minutes or sometimes longer.  It doesn't take long to do this.  It keeps me focused on the people in my life.  It helps me to love them.  It is hard to be indifferent about people you are praying for.  But mainly I believe God answers my prayers and He reaches out to those I pray for.

How about you?  Whom do you pray for?  How do you pray?  How often do you pray for them?

God bless you      

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