Monday, December 1, 2014

Walking With Jesus- Love Your Child

One of my greatest privileges is I get to be a father to a beautiful little girl.  I do not take this lightly, because I know there are so many who have not been able to have children or have lost children.  My heart goes out to these people.  I am always careful on mother's day and father's day with my words as a pastor because I have seen people who are mourning on those days.  Two woman I know come to mind.  Lord help them.

I am so grateful I get to be a father.  My daughter is smart, funny, beautiful, and very talented.  She has God given musical and leadership talents.  Music just flows from her.  People follow her, and she is only 10.

The best thing I get to do as a father and I recommend it to every father, is I speak life.  Almost everyday I tell my daughter I love her.  I did not hear those words from a father when I was growing up.  Almost everyday I tell her she is smart, funny, beautiful, talented, God loves her, Jesus loves her, her mother loves her, but I love her more, and on and on I go.  When that first boy tells her how pretty she is I want her to say, "I know, my daddy has told me a million times."  I really believe the life I speak into her will impact her life all of her days.  I also believe it will affect her children if and when she has them.

Maybe speaking life to my daughter is something I should practice with everyone I come in contact with.  Oh it will sound different for everyone depending on the depth of the relationship.  But I believe everyone needs a little life poured on them.

What about you who has spoken life to you?  Who do you speak life to?    

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