Monday, November 10, 2014

Walking With Jesus- Don't Be Self Centered

We should all love ourselves, because we can't love our neighbor as ourself, if we do not love ourselves.  So I must make sure I am growing mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  This will help me to love God and others.  But this is different from being self centered.  Always thinking about myself, concerned always about my needs.

When the center of the universe was discovered, many people were surprised it was not them.

Not being self-centered is important because it pulls me out of myself into the good world.  Into a world of people that love me and that I can love.  This will build me up (not that it's about me) and it will also help me to build others up.  I will be a complete person and make others complete.

When I think about my daughter and stop thinking about myself, I find I like myself more.  I learn a whole lot more from watching her than I do being inwardly focused on myself.

Add this phrase to your life, "Think about others."  What is my wife going through?, "Think about others."  What did my daughter do at school today?, "Think about others."  I wonder what my mother is doing?, "Think about others."

There I feel better already.  Think I will go and call my mom.

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