Thursday, October 30, 2014


I was talking to a missionary yesterday about something very meaningful.  Something that is very controversial.  But something that will increase your very being.  And that topic is, the greatest superhero movies of all time.

I have a top 6 list.  and these are right and they are not to be questioned.

6. Thor The Dark World.
Thor's strength is finally seen.  It is a funny movie.  Thor's mom kicks some head in this movie. Loki, come on, who doesn't love Loki.  Only draw back I really didn't fully understand the whole circle in the sky, lining up of dimensions, then falling through the holes into different worlds.  

5. Wolverine Origins
Wolverine is at his full wolverine best.  He is not to be messed with.  Thought they did kill Deadpool a little to easy, but the movie was running long.  Best line in the movie is when Victor asks the tavern owner if he has insurance, the owner says no, and with Wolverine yelling his brother's name, "VICTOR", walking up the the tavern seeking revenge on his brother.  Victor proclaims to the owner, "To bad."

4. Captain America Winter Soldier
"On your left" "On your left" "On your left"  We finally in this movie get to see Captain America be a bona fide superhero.  With 10 soldiers surrounding him on a elevator about to attack him, Captain boldly announces "Before we get started, does anybody want to get off."  It does not go well for those 10 soldiers.  The plot is tight.  Except no one believes Fury had died.  Also Bucky is a weird name for the Winter Soldier.

3. Marvel's Avengers
I could watch this movie over and over and over again.  When Tony Starks puts on the suit and becomes Iron Man while falling 100 stories from Starks Tower, that was really cool.  Although he never would have survived being thrown through the window while not wearing his suit.  Bruce Banner saying," That's my secret Captain, I'm always angry.  Thor hammers everyone in sight. Captain can call out some orders. Black Widow, Natasha, is a great interrogator.  I named my dog after her.  And Loki, come one, who doesn't love Loki.

2. The Dark Knight
Batman gets to be a real superhero in this movie.  Jumping off buildings, getting back into airplanes without a travel agent, and fighting guys carrying guns.  But the Joker made this movie.  He is by far the best character ever in a superhero movie.  "Why so serious?" And yes I would like to know how he got those scars.

1. The Original Superman
Ok not the best special effects.  The plot was kindof thrown together.  Why couldn't Superman stop both of the nuclear rockets with his great speed.  I think Lex Luther underestimated his super speed. He did in fact fly around the earth 10,000 times and reverse the rotation of the earth and turned back time.  The recent Man of Steel movie please take every copy of that film and burn it.  Anyway, So why is this the best superhero movie of all time.  For one reason, it has the best scene of any superhero movie.  When Clark for the first time in public puts on the blue suit.  Lois is hanging from a helicopter off the edge of the Daily Planet.  Clark walks out and looks up.  The music kicks in, Dudududu, and he looks for a place to change.  No phone booth in sight, he pops the buttons on his shirt to reveal the S. He runs to a revolving door, spins around in it at the speed of light, and comes out in a "Bad Outfit." Lois falls and the crowd screams.  Superman swoops in for the catch, "He got her, I can't believe he got her."  The cop in the crowd smiling, makes me smile every time.  "Don't worry Miss I got you."  "You got me, who's got you?"  Hang on a second Lois, Superman has got to one arm catch the falling helicopter and land you both safe and sound back on the roof of the Daily Planet.  I hope that little mishap doesn't put you off flying Lois.  Statistically speaking it is still the safest way to travel.    

This should be your list.  So leave a comment and tell me how much you agree.

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You are correct. The best blog you have ever written!