Thursday, October 10, 2013

Handbook To Prayer

I recommend the book, Handbook To Prayer, by Ken Boa.

I would compare it to train tracks that gets the train of our prayers rolling.

Boa has a 3 month daily prayer plan in his book that walks us through our daily prayers.  He lists Scripture and walks us through 8 forms of prayer.

1. Adoration.   A time for us to praise God
2. Confession. A time to confess our sins before God
3. Renewal. A time for us to grow spiritually.
4. Petition. A time for us to focus on specific needs and how God wants them meet.  This may be my favorite part.  He has a new list of things to pray through everyday.  Things that I sometimes overlook.
5. Intercession.  A time to pray for other people, groups, and leaders.
6. Affirmation. A time that we discover who we are as people of faith.  God reveals his plan for us.
7. Thanksgiving. A time to be grateful to God for the good things in our lives.
8. Closing Prayer.  A time to really focus our day on God.

If you struggle with prayer I highly recommend this book.

Buy it for your Kindle for $10.00.

Which one of these 8 areas do you pray well?  Which one of these 8 areas needs a little work?

Leave me a comment below.

God bless.  Be good.

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