Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Story of James, Not James

The church recognizes James the apostle (not James the brother of Jesus, writer of the book of James)today.  So James, not James.  If you are a Protestant, evangelical, Pentecost(like myself), along with whatever other label you would like to add, you did not know this.  But, I have been follwing the historic church calendar lately and have really enjoyed it.  Well today is the day the universal church recognizes one of the 12 disciples, James.

James was the brother of John.  Their nicknames were the Sons of Thunder, I guess they had a temper.  These brothers had their mama ask Jesus about being Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury when Jesus became the new president of Jerusalem.  She didn't understand that Jesus was going to become the ruler of the world, but it came through the cross.  James and John thought they could go through what Jesus was going to go through, and it turns out they would.

James is the first of the 12 to lay down his life for the name of Jesus Christ.  King Herod, the king of the Jews, did not like the fact that James was saying Jesus is the real king of the Jews.  Herod had James put to death which was a popular move among his constituents.

James went from wanting to be in position of power to being someone who was willing to give up all power.  James was willing to die because he served Jesus who was willing to die.  He did not fear death because Jesus overcame death and James believed he would as well by putting his faith in his living Savior.

So we recognize James today.  May we humble ourselves from any prideful position.  May we have the faith of James no matter the cost.

What are your thoughts about James?  


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