Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Changing Your Stress Part 1

I recommend the book "The Anxiety Cure."

To overcome stress in our life takes a mental mindset change.  An attitude adjustment.

I must change from a "What If" attitude, to a "So What" attitude.

Most worries will start out with "What If."  I know if I start to worry it usually starts this way.  What if something bad happens.  What if I can't pay that bill?  What if things do not go well at work?  What if this person is mad?  What if something is wrong with me personally?  Now all these things may or may not happen whether I say "What if" or not.  My worrying will not make these happen.  They may happen, they may not.

"What if" is a panic mode.  "What if" is an over planning mode.  "What if"  leads me to think the worse about a situation or person.

Now "what if" I tweak my attitude and change it to "So What."

First off "So What" is not an uncaring attitude.  Don't confuse "So What" with "Who Cares."  I care deeply with a "So What" attitude.  The things I am facing are still very important to me, but I have changed the way I see them.  I must move from "What If" to "So What."

"So What" empowers me to deal with the worse.  "What If" something bad happens, "So What."  I can deal with bad things, I have before.  "What If" I struggle to pay a bill, "So What."  I have struggled to pay bills in the past.  I have had to get creative to pay those bills in the past, made some changes, cut back on a few things, but I overcame.

"What If" things don't  go well at work, "So What."  I have had problems at work before.  I have had to change my attitude at work in the past.  I am well trained.  The problems cause me to get better and to learn more.  This problem comes up at work, "So What" I can handle it.

"What If" that person gets mad, "So What."  I can not control how others react.  I can only talk to people.  I can only make sure I listen.  I believe in forgiveness and reconciliation.  People get mad, people are dealing with many issues.  So I can not control all their issues.  I have plenty issues of my own to control.  I just have to make sure I am doing right, loving, forgiving, speaking the truth graciously, then "So What."

What if I get sick?  What if I get into a wreck?  What if someone close to me gets sick?  What if someone close to me dies?  What if I die?  All these things may happen and if you live long enough they will happen (so to speak). The mortality rate is undefeated.  Well except by one person, so far.  "So What"  I will deal with these things.  "So What" I serve a God that I believe works all things, even the worst of things, for good.  "So What"  I serve a God who resurrected from the dead and promised resurrection for those who believe.

So What

What do need to say "So What" about.  How do you so "So What" in your life?  Leave us a comment        

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Gloria said...

EXCELLENT!! Everybody should have a copy of this to keep in their Bibles. I'm gonna send this on to Kim it might just help her out.
Thank You