Monday, March 16, 2015

Walking With Jesus-I do not have to justify or explain my preferences

1. If you like it and it is not sinning against God, you do not have to justify it.
-I like Johnny Cash and superheroes.

2. If you like it and it is not making you hate your neighbor, you do not have to justify it.
-I like not liking politics.  I like not liking hunting(although I do like deer meat).

3. If you like it and it is not against the law, you do not have to justify it.
-I like standup comics

4. If you like it and you are not causing someone of weaker faith to stumble, you do not have to justify it.
-I like not liking Contemporary Christian Music

5.  If you like it and it makes you sin, hate your neighbor, break the law, causes a weaker faith person to stumble, you can't justify it.  The only one who can justify you is Jesus.  From there you rethink the things that you like and find new things that you like.
-I like living at peace with everyone, as far as it depends on me

-I am not saying to be rude and tell others to mind their own business and stay out of mine.  But for years I felt like I had to justify the things I liked and it made me argue with those who liked things that I did not like.  Well I stopped that(I think) about a year ago.  Now I like the things I like and you can like what you choose(even if you do like the wrong things).  I do not feel the urge to make people like what I like anymore.  I also do not feel like have to explain myself to those who are not on the same page as my likes.  I even had the courage last week to talk to a new friend the other day about some things I like and do not like, I would never had done that a year ago.  

So like on.  

What do you like?  Explain yourself.

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