Monday, March 30, 2015

Walking With Jesus- Have a Song In Your Heart

I am always looking for a good song.  In my opinion they are hard to find.  But like hidden treasure if you find a good song it is so valuable.  

Find a song you enjoy.

Find a song that is memorable.  There must be something special about the song.  Songs that do not standout should be made illegal.

Find a song that inspires you.  Whether towards God or the things of God.  Things that are loving, good, joyful, kind, etc.

Find songs that are smart.  Dumb lyrics can turn me off from a song no matter the beat.

Find a song that brings back a memory.  That is what I will share with you in the remainder of this blog, songs that bring back a memory.

"In Christ Alone" impacted my life greatly one day.  I was awakened by my wife one morning with some terrible news.  A friend of mine had been in a car accident and his little girl had died.  I was very grieved for him.  That same day we had a wedding to attend where the couple played this song during their wedding.  I realized I was witnessing a happy day for one group of 
friends at this wedding, while another friend was having the worst day of his life.  Then the line in the song hit me, "From life's first cry til final breath, Jesus commands my destiny."  So now this song has become a song of joy and a song of mourning for me.  But in both cases I stand in Christ alone.   

"Come Thou Fount" the first time I heard this song was in a commercial as I was flipping through channels.  I had sung the song before but I had never heard it.  When I saw that brief commercial I went and listened to the song.  I recorded that movie and watched it.  It was a cheesy movie on Lifetime or Hallmark, but the scene where he sang that song stuck with me.  The actor was sitting on a bench outside overlooking a valley singing "Come Thou Fount."  From that time on I wanted a prayer bench outside where I could pray.  Well my wife bought me one for Christmas a few years back.  So if you see me outside on my bench I am probably singing "Come Thou Fount."   

I am a huge Johnny Cash fan and this is one of my favorites "Jackson."  My daughter and I would sing this song together when she was very young on car trips.  I still remember her belting out her part from the backseat.  I remember her instructing me on my part.  She could sing the the June Carter parts better than ole June.  This song brings a smile to my face everytime I hear it.

This song is ignorant and not a good song at all but I like it.  This was Six Flags over Georgia's theme song back in 2005.  My daughter had just started to stand and walk around that time.  The commercial for Six Flags came on television and my daughter heard this song and started bouncing. I laughed and laughed.  She danced every time I played this song, (still does)  So this ignorant song will always have a special place in my heart.

The night Monica and I welcomed Elizabeth into the world I played this song on the little cd player we brought to the hospital.  My first dance with my daughter was to this song.

This song Monica and I played after we were pronounced man and wife.  We exited the church to this song.  Every now and then when the world that we are living in is crazy, she gladly holds me and sees me through.  I would be sad and lonely without her.

What is a song that you enjoy that brings back a memory?  

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