Monday, January 5, 2015

Walking With Jesus-Enjoy The Process

I usually want the finished result.  I hardly ever let myself enjoy what is going on while it is going on.

If I take a trip I am wanting to arrive at the destination, NOW
If I am watching a movie, I do not mind spoiler alerts, because I am wanting to know how it ends before I get there.
If I am watching a sporting event, I wish I had dvred it and not watched it live, so I can skip to the end and see who won.

Maybe if I would slow down and remind myself that the whole event should be enjoyed, that would take the edge off.  Maybe that would add to my enjoyment, because I am enjoying everything not just the end result.

Maybe I will put down the remote and just watch the movie.
Maybe I will enjoy training my dog even if it doesn't go perfect, and not just wish for a perfectly trained dog.
Maybe I will just relax, enjoy the process of becoming a better man, a better Christian, a better husband, a better father, a better friend, a better person, one day at a time, one event at a time.

What about you?  Do you enjoy the process?  What things do you skip ahead on, wanting the finished results?

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