Monday, December 15, 2014

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Yet with the woes of sin and strife
The world hath suffered long;
Beneath the angel-strain have rolled
Two thousand years of wrong;
And man, at war with man, hears not
The love song which they bring:
O hush the noise, ye men of strife,
And hear the angels sing.

My wife sang this song during our offering at Living Hope Assembly of God yesterday.  I have never paid attention to this verse before. But when I heard this I was blown away.  

We live in a world of strife(we call it giving our opinions)  But I think we would all be better off if we would just hush the noise. Yesterday was Black Lives Matter.  The Assemblies of God suggested we speak about this during our service.  I followed several of these posts on Facebook, and people lost their minds. The main thoughts were that Black Lives Matter is a political movement(which personally I think it is), It is against police officers(which personally I think it isn't). There was so much noise behind it from both sides, I decided not to mention it.  I did speak about the noise we live in. My hopes are to be a person without strife, maybe hear the angels sing.  

God I pray for unity among blacks and white(I do not think we are there even in the church.  God I pray for unity among red and blues, I know we are not there.  

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