Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Anxiety Free? Check Yes Or No

For most of my Christian life when I read the Scriptures that said do not be anxious, do not worry; I saw them as a box to check.  If I was anxious that day or week I did not get my check mark.  I messed up, failed, sinned, and was in danger of being condemned.  If not by God at least by others and myself who knew about my worry.

I no longer look at these Scriptures this way.  Do not be anxious is a way to walk in and not a box to check.  I see most of God’s commands that way today. 

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.  There are commands on how to care for an automobile.  But it is more than just a mental wish list.  I want my car to run well, I want it to get me to work and back, it did, yeah, check.  But car commands are something we do. Thou shall make sure your car is not anxious by the way you drive it and by the upkeep.  I wanted my car to run and not be anxious, thus making me anxious, but the engine blew up.  Did you change the oil?  Well, no.  But I prayed that it would still get me places.  Who knew my car got anxious when I went 12,000 miles without changing the oil. 

There is not a person reading this that wants to be a worrier.  But most will pray and get out their mental checklist, and wonder why they are still anxious.  I never go through the actions of doing everything God is leading me to do or not do.  Maybe I need some help not to be anxious from friends, pastors, and even counselors.  Maybe I need a physician to help me not be anxious.  Maybe I have ignored my diet and exercise.  Maybe I have not slept in 6 weeks, that may have something to do with my being anxious.  Maybe God is leading me in many ways to avoid being anxious and not just checking a box, yes or no.    

You are not anxiety free be wishing it.  You walk through anxiety by faith, hope, prayer, and living out God’s good plans. 

Instead of be it(check), walk it, live it, and then you shall be it.

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