Monday, June 23, 2014

The Devil Is A Five-Tool Player

The devil is a five-tool player.  A five-tool player is a baseball term where a player has good arm strength, running speed, can hit for average, hit for power, and is a good fielder.  Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays were five-tool players
Well the devil has five tools he has perfected.  Tools that make our life fall apart.  You can see these tools in Mark 9:14-29

1.      The devil wants you speechless.
The boy in this story was dumb he couldn't speak.  The accuser wants you speechless. Silence is good and is something we should practice. Being speechless is not good.  When you are hurting one of the first things to go is speech.  In this midst of pain we clam up and have nothing to say.  The boy was silenced by the devil. We must continue to speak hope and faith in the face of pain.  Many times all we can do is claim God’s Living Word over and over and over and over again.  Do not let the devil keep you speechless.
2.    The devil wants you controlled.
We are told that this spirit seized the boy that he was controlled.  The enemy wants your thoughts and actions caged.  He wants you to feel trap and confined.   We must keep going.  If it is just the smallest of things we cannot stay cooped up within ourselves.  We must make a plan today I am going to do one thing to live.  Today I will do one small thing to break out of the devil’s control.

3.    The devil wants you thrown down.
This boy would be thrown down into the water and the fire.  The enemy wanted to destroy this young life by throwing him to the ground. The devil wants you thrown down and to stay down.  A righteous man may fall seven times but they keep getting back up.  Yesterday I was thrown to the ground but today in Jesus name I am going to find a way to get up.  You must keep looking for healing and help.  This thing I am going through has pushed me as low as I have ever been, but there is some help, some hope, that is going to help me back to my feet.

4.    The devil wants you foaming with anger.
This boy would grind his teeth and foam at the mouth.  He was angry.  Who can blame him for his anger he had been robbed of speech, caged, and thrown down.  The enemy wants you screaming with hate on the inside and verbalizing it on the outside.  During these times we must be calm and walk in peace.  Pray the first part of Psalms 23 over and over.  Listen to beautiful music.  Breathe deeply.  Enjoy the beauty of God’s world.  Enjoy the beauty of other’s art and creations.  Whatever it takes I must escape this anger.  It will not have me.

5.    The devil wants you withering away
This boy became rigid.  He was withering, shrinking, becoming thin.  His cheek bones were showing.  There was no color in his face.  During these times we must walk in life.  We may need help to walk in life.  We must find things that fatten our souls, minds, and hearts.  Jesus is the life walk in life. 

If you are going through these things it “may” be the enemy. 

If you see people going through these things it “may” be the enemy.

What should you do if you see someone going through these things?
Have compassion.  How well would you function if these 5 things were happening to you.

God bless you.

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