Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Challenges

I use to be roommates with my cousin, Andy. For some reason we were always challenging each other.

This is back when I had hair.  So our challenge was to see who would go the longest without getting a haircut.  I think I made it about 3 months.  I was working at a church and I was starting to get looks from a few folks.  So round one went to him.

Round 2 went to me.  Although he may remember it differently.  We were in the month of November and we still had not turned the heat on in the house.  So naturally we challenged each other to see who could make it the longest without breaking down and turning on the heat.  It was near Christmas and we were both in sweatshirts, jogging pants, and covered in blankets.  You could see your breath in our house.  It was good for making sure company did not stay too long, no one would stay it was too cold.  "HE" finally hit the button and turned the furnace on.  

So what can you learn from this?  I don't know.

Go out and challenge someone.  Nothing dangerous of course.

Have you ever had this type of challenge with someone?  Leave me a comment.


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