Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't Worry

Being a pastor you deal with worry a lot.  Your own worry and the worry of people you are helping to minister to.  I have always told myself to not worry.  I speak Jesus' words of life to myself about not worrying.  I think worry can tie us into knots and I am always trying to combat it.

Just this week I added a new twist to my idiom, "Don't Worry."   I have changed it to, "If and When Troubles Come, Don't Worry."  It is inevitable that troubles will come.  Jesus said in this world you will have trouble.  So I guess we should expect living in this world means that troubles will arise.

So, just saying, "Don't Worry" is nice until a trouble comes a knocking.  I was doing my "Don't Worry" thing this week when I got one of those emails.  One of those emails that says" Ok, let's see if you cannot worry about this."  That email rocked me for an evening.  But that made me come up with my new saying, "If and When Troubles Come, Don't Worry."

Most days are great, problem free.  Most days I really enjoy, have a good time, and I am very thankful for. But there are those days, you know those days.  Well if and when those days come, and they will, I will not worry. LORD help.

How do you keep from worrying?

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