Monday, May 6, 2013

The Wrong Way to Get Blessed

Genesis 27:1-35
1. Dressing up like someone you are not is the wrong way to get blessed.
Jacob became like somebody else. He hid himself by dressing up like his brother.
To get blessed he thought he could not be himself. He couldn't be himself to be blessed by the most important/significant person in his life.

2. We play dress up as well.
We don't let others see who we are: our flaws, weaknesses, and sins. We dress up like someone else in our appearance, clothes, mannerisms, and it is not who we truly are. We do anything to get our parents, spouse, children, friends, coworkers approval. We dress a certain way or lower our moral standards for a dating relationship. We dress up like a great husband, father, mother, wife, worker, doctor, teacher, etc. We even dress up like really good Christians. We dare not be ourselves at church. What will they think of me if they really know me.

3. Outside we are fine, but inside we are like a kid, crying, "Bless me.”
Jacob got close enough to his Father, to kiss him and finally he saw the look of pride in his father’s eyes. Heard the words he longed to hear. He was blessed but he wasn’t blessed at all because it wasn’t him. Anyone who dresses up and is blessed for dressing up does not experience blessing at all. If someone hides their sin, flaws, weaknesses they are not really blessed because they have dressed up.

4. Humbly be your yourself with the right people, with yourself, and most importantly with God. 
Now do not brag about your sins and flaws, but at the right time with the right people be yourself.  Be honest.  Especially with God and yourself.  Stop playing dress up.

The Blessed Life Part 2

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Gloria Nelson said...

Yes, there is far too much emphasis put on outward appearances these days. Who we are really comes from the inside and people can see that sometimes.