Monday, March 18, 2013

Transfiguration and the valley

This painting by Raphael in 1516 depicts two events in Jesus life.  The first is the transfiguration.  Peter, James, and John see the glory of Jesus Christ revealed.  Jesus glows with the presence of God.  Peter wants to build a tabernacle and stay there.  He wanted that place declared special and that all of Israel would return there to worship.  But the Father's voice from heaven let's Peter know it is not the place that is important it is the person of his Son that is important.  Israel was always good at putting up tabernacles, synagogues, and temples, but now the Father says listen to my Son.  Jesus is the new tabernacle, we must follow him.

The second story is a father with a self destructive demon possessed boy.  The disciples are in the valley, below the mountain, and can not help the boy.  Jesus does not stay on the mountain, there is work to do in the valley.  Jesus goes down the mountain into the valley and heals the boy.

Both stories are individual stories but they are most defiantly connected.   We cannot seperate the mountain top experience and the presence of God from the valley experience and helping those who need help.

We must do both.  We must spend time on the mountain of God through prayer, worship, fasting, and the church, then we must go to the valley and be God's hands extended.

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