Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marriage Part 5

It only takes one to begin the healing of a marriage.

It may be that one spouse decides to have a good marriage. One spouse operates on the basis of Ephesians 5:21(Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ) and one spouse does not.

Let’s say, you are the one who decides, “My selfishness is the thing I am going to work on.” What will happen? Usually there is not much immediate response from the other side. But often, over time, your attitude and behavior will begin to soften your partner. He or she can see the pains you are taking. And it will be easier for your spouse to admit his or her faults because you are no longer always talking about them yourself. So if both of you decide to work on your selfishness and minister to the other, the prospects for your marriage are great. But even if only one of you does it, your prospects are still good.

The Meaning Of Marriage, Timothy Keller page 65 

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