Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. We got new winders, I mean windows, this week. Goodbye mold. Goodbye air letter inners. Hopefully hello lower heating bills.

2. I started back geocaching this week. It is kind of like a global scavenger hunt. You enter coordinates into your gps and find treasures people have hidden all across the country. There are probably dozens around your home. My brother-in-law put me on to this. I knew he was good for something. What do you say Jeremy?

 3. My favorite post of the week comes from me. Picture This- The Gospel of Mark Chapter 1. I am reading through the Gospel of Mark in my morning devotions and kept picturing different scenes in my mind while reading it. I call it falling into the story. Well I decided to try and show a little of what I was picturing on my blog. I think I may keep this up from time to time. I may go all the way through the Gospel of Mark, if my imagination is working.

 4. What have been some of your favorite things that happened in your life this week?


Sew Fun Design said...

Hard to beat a house full of new windows~~happy for you they look great! (Next week all new window treatments?)

Pastor Todd said...

I don't know what a window treatment is. It sounds like something you get when your windows are sick.