Thursday, September 29, 2011

Be Not Silent

Psalms 83:1 O God, do not remain silent

-Last night during our Wednesday night prayer service, Psalms 83 guided our time of prayer. God's Holy Spirit filled the service in a special way. Over every need that was presented we asked God to be not silent, but to speak into every situation.

-God visited us with the spiritual gifts of tongues and interpretation of tongues. The message he spoke to us was, "I want to know more of you and I want you to know more of me."

-So God we ask that you continue to "Be Not Silent" and speak into our lives so we can no more of you. We will be silent before you so we can here your voice at times. At other times we will raise our voice, crying out to know you.

-Today I read Joshua chapter 6 and saw Israel marching around Jericho in silence and then when it was the right time they broke the silence and shouted the victory. Silence and timely speaking have rattled around in my soul since last night.

-God give us wisdom and show us when it is time to just listen and remain silent. To observe everything you are doing. Like when the army marched around Jericho in silence.

-God teach us when it is time to speak, the ways to speak, the tones to speak in. Like when the single was given, it was time for silence to be broken, the shout of victory was given, and the cursed enemy stronghold crashed down.

-But most of all, I ask that you be not silent. Speak and sometimes even shout the victory into our lives.

In Jesus name, let it be so.

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