Sunday, January 16, 2011

How To Start A Church Service?

This goes out to any person who has ever opened up their church's celebration service. It is not the easiest thing to do. People are coming in with all different mindsets. Some people are refreshed and ready to go. Some may not have slept well the night before and are tired. Some may have had an argument with their spouse before arriving at the church building. Others just saw a friend they have dying to talk to all week. So how do we get everyone focused on worshiping God in song?

A good way to start is by asking the congregation questions. Ask, are you glad to be together again to worship God? Make sure you are sincere and that you are truly glad as well before asking that question. Ask, are you ready to give God praise today? Ask, do you believe God is here today? Ask, do you believe Jesus deserves all our praise? Be creative in your questions. Ask questions that go along with the song choices for that morning or from that day's sermon.

The point is, worship is not a spectator sport. The congregation is not there to be entertained, they are there to praise God. Asking questions gets the congregation started in the involvement of worship. Whether they answer the questions out loud or to themselves the questions get the family of God focused on the worship of God.

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