Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good of the week- laughing with your kids

I was at a conference this week. The meetings were fine but what was really good was hanging out with my daughter at the swimming pool. I don't like swimming but I do like to hear my daughter laugh. She laughed when I came down the pitch black death casket water slide. She laughed when I held her up on the lily pad water obstacle course across the rope bridge.

My daughter and I laughed at Wendy's this week. We were sitting below the music speaker and an old 80's song was playing. I started singing the song and E picked up on the words quickly. We were both singing out a song by the Human League. We were having fun, Monica was embarrassed, and Elizabeth was laughing. She has a great laugh.

When did you last laugh with your kids? How about setting up something this week that will give you the opportunity to laugh.

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