Monday, August 16, 2010

Dustin Johnson chokes

I called my cousin who is also a golf fan and told him Dustin Johnson is going to choke. I watched him melt down earlier this year and choke at the U.S. Open and I thought it was going to happen again today at the PGA Championship. Leading the PGA Championship by one stoke on the final hole is a lot of pressure for a golfer. He sliced his first shot into the crowd landing on sand. Second shot over the hole. Third shot was perfect leaving a makable putt for the win. He misses the putt, putting him in a three way tie and a playoff. At least I thought that is what happened. It turns out Dustin's second shot was illegal by the rules of golf and Dustin was penalized 2 strokes knocking him out of the playoffs. He so choked but in a way that was unimaginable and memorable.

Dustin Johnson is now one of my favorite golfers, that is if he can come back from this. He is now the underdog who is always messing up. You got to cheer for a guy who fails like that but keeps getting back up. I think we call it being human, redemption, mercy, grace.

Jesus had a follower named Simon Peter that was always getting penalized two strokes as a disciple. Jesus called him Satan one time when it looked like he was going to win. Jesus chewed him out for using his sword to try and start a revolution right when Peter thought he was going to win. Peter thought he was ready to win and lay down his life for Jesus right before his 3 stroke penalty of denying he even knew Jesus three times. Peter failed a lot, yet he was the one who preached the first sermon in the church and 3000 people became members on the first day.

So Dustin, I hope you get back up. It would be a great story.

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