Saturday, July 10, 2010

5 Things Sickness Teaches Us

1. Sickness teaches you what is important in your life.
-We spend so much of life focused on things that do not matter. The things that do matter are God, our family, our friends, our calling.

2. Sickness teaches you your need for compassion for others who are sick.
-Other people's sickness should lead me to care, to pray, and to do good for them.

3. Sickness teaches you how fragile life is and your need for God who is not fragile.
-Every one's life will fade, but our hope is not in health it is in Jesus.

4. Sickness teaches you your need for others.
-No one can make it alone. We need each other, especially in times of sickness.

5. Sickness teaches you to be thankful for good health.
-What a great blessing everyday is that we feel good. Thank you God for those days. Help us to trust you and remain faithful on the days that are not so good.

Don't waste a sickness.

Romans 8:31

In Jesus' Service,

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