Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Holy Spirit gave me the word "nudge" about a month ago and I have been living by this word ever since.

God has some things he wants us to do, so how will we react. Many just don't take any action whatsoever. Others try and do everything all at once. This is where the word "nudge" comes in. We find out what God wants for our lives then we begin nudging ourselves in that direction. We take one tangible step at a time. We refuse to do nothing and we refuse to be bogged down by trying to do everything all at once.

If you we want to get in shape we nudge ourselves towards that first walk. If we want our finances in order we nudge ourselves towards preparing a budget. If we want a ministry to grow we just give it a tangible nudge in that direction. Then we nudge ourselves towards the next step, then the next.

Vince Lombardi said, all people want to win, but not everyone prepares to win. The nudging is the steps we take that prepare us to win. Wow, we want to be a good parent, everyone wants that, how are we nudging ourselves towards being a good parent. We want to do better in school, what "nudge" step will we take to get better. We want to get better at our job, everyone wants that I hope, but how are we nudging ourselves to get better.

So I ask you what does God want for your life? What is the first step you can start ASAP that will nudge you towards that dream?

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