Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Walking With Jesus- Fear of Missing Out

What I have chosen to do is the most important thing once I have have chosen to do it, and I shouldn't let my mind wander.  Being present with what I have chosen to do and not wishing I had made a different choice will add to my joy and take away stress.

Whatever we are doing, most likely we have chosen.  There are cases where we are forced, but that is a different topic for a different day.  Even if we are in place we do not want to be: work, school, a relationship, etc, we have made the choices to get us to that place in life. (Not talking about children here).  It seems like we make our choices and then our choices make us.  But we still have control on how we will respond.  Wow, that sounds to self helpy, so try your best to respond your best.

Anyway, back on topic.  Whatever I am doing is the most important.  First I must choose wisely where to spend my time.  Then devote all of me there.  I choose to spend my time in prayer, with my wife, my child, work, play, rest, then I must make sure I am fully present.  I focus all my attention in whatever I chosen to do,  I do not need to be anyplace else.  Those other things will take care of themselves, or I will deal with them in their proper time.   A time which I can be fully present to deal with other issue.

Much of the time I struggle with this.  It is the age we live in.  I fight it, sometimes successfully, many times not.  (What say you, dear?)  I am watching a movie, checking twitter, email, facebook, and trying to read all at the same time.  Doing none of them well and not truly enjoying any of the tasks.  I fear missing out.  If I watch this movie, what am I missing in a book?  If I read the book, what am I missing on social media?  If  I am spending time with my wife, what am I missing at work?  And on and on it goes.

I AM NOT MISSING OUT, I yell at myself as a subtle reminder.  (I put the "b" in subtle).  Whatever I have chosen to do, only do that.  If I am unhappy with what I have chosen, simple, chose something else.

Great, you can multitask.  Good for you.  I will give you a cookie.  But you probably won't enjoy it because you are eating it while driving and texting.  

I believe learning to live in the moment and understanding we are not missing out will give us peace of mind.  We will focus on things most important.  

How about you? How does your mind wander?  What do your multi, triplti task on?  How many things do you attempt to do at once?  Leave me a comment?


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