Monday, November 24, 2014

Walking With Jesus-Like People

Love your neighbor as yourself.  James calls this the royal law.

I want to love God and not like the people I see every day.  The people I differ with politically, culturally, and with matters of taste.  But I can't love God if I do not like people.

The test of love of God is love of neighbor.

Well what is the test of love of neighbor?  Love of enemy.

I love people who are like me, but people who do not know God do that.  I am called as a Christ follower not to just love those who are like me(I am finding there are not to many of those) but to love those who are nothing like me(There are a lot of those types of people).  

Not easy, but I must walk with Jesus.  I want to walk with Jesus.  He was truly human, and I want to be.

So love your neighbor and love your enemies.

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