Monday, August 25, 2014

Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength Help

We are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

I have discovered recently that the enemy, our world, and even ourselves will attack these four areas of our lives.  We will feel helpless, overpowered, like we cannot go on.

Heart is our emotions, our love, joy, peace, happiness, sadness, and on and on.  The enemy lies to us and tells us there is something wrong with us and our emotions get wrecked.  We no can no longer love or have joy, etc.  We sink into despair.  We feel like things will never be right again.  The world plays havoc with our heart.  Life is a combination of gain and loss.  When we suffer loss, and we all will, this broken world tells us we will not survive this.  So we sink into a hopeless emotional state.  We ourselves can break our own hearts.  We have pity own ourselves because of the lies the enemy has told us or the loss we have had to face.  We shake ourselves into exhaustion emotionally.

Soul is our connection with God.  Our connection with God is broken by sin.  The enemy comes along and tells us,"Did God really say ________?"  And we listen to the subtle arguments and sin that was crouching at our door creeps in.  Now our soul feels separated from God and others because of our sin.  Sin brings death to our relationships.  So our souls die a type of death.  The world does not believe in the soul, so it says find what is best for you on your own.  The problem is I don't always know what is best for me on my own.  So my soul dies a type of death by the direction of the world.  And to be quite honest it is easier to not feed my soul and watch it grow.  It is easier to each soul junk food.  So I can damage my own soul by trying to gain the whole world.

Mind is, well, our mind.  My thoughts.  My thoughts are the things that affect my emotions and my actions. So if I can change my mind I can change my emotions and actions.   Scripture tells as a person thinks, so are they.  Our thoughts will transform us.  Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  The accuser knows this, so he will attack your mind.  If he can control your thoughts he can control your actions and emotions. The world bombards us with their thoughts, we call it advertising, television, and the internet.   The world fills our thoughts with it's thoughts and all of a sudden we are acting greedy, lustfully, warlike, and we wonder why.  I also will choose myself what I want to think on.  I choose not to think on things that are pure, true, and a good report.  I fill my mind with the opposite.  Before I know it my mind is controlling me, because I have overflowed it with the wrong thoughts.

Strength is our physical life.  The ways I serve, work, interact with others in my life.  Sin has caused death, the first man introduced death into this world.  Thus our strength is always challenged.  Jesus came to free us from death.  Even though we die yet shall we live.  The enemy knows this so he loves to see us sick, in uncontrollable pain, and exhausted.  When your body hurts, your heart, soul, and mind go along for an unwanted ride.  The world knows that we, especially in our western society, fear aging.  So we are taught ways to fight it tooth and nail.  We are told to ignore hurting, to escape it.  We use wrong methods(although I believe there are right methods in each catergory) to drug it away, surgery it away, and fad it away.   We believe the lies, we fall into the trap.  We run from death instead of running towards life.

There are not snap your finger answers to these attacks on our life, heart, soul, mind, and strength.  But a few suggestions. 

Silence is where we find the life we need.  We have become a loud society.  In silence is where our heart, soul, mind, and strength are renewed.  Turn off the screens and just sit.  Meditate on grace and truth.

We don't renew our life alone.  We have family and friends there to help us.  For Christians, the church should be a place of healing for us who have been broken in these areas.  There are also good trained professionals that have special skills to aid us.  Doctors and counselors are a good thing and should be used appropriately.

Wisdom is our guide.  Jesus is the wisdom of God.  We are called to follow him and make wise decisions. Wise decisions that will affect our hearts/emotions rightly.  Recognizing emotions for what they are, emotions, and knowing they can be affected by changing our minds and actions.  Wise decisions that will affect our souls rightly.  Running from sin, personally and systematic, and running to grace and truth. Wise decisions that will affect our minds rightly.  Choosing to fill our minds with truth and combating the lies and exaggerations that come along.  Many times we just need to battle lies with reality.  The lies we believe are not based in what is really happening.  But we have been so damaged we allow all parts of our lives to promote things that are not 100% true.  Many times we need to battle this world with faith.  I believe, help my unbelief.  Faith that all things will work for good stops the fear and anger that comes from believing things are and will always be bad.  Wise decisions that will affect our strength rightly.  My body needs sleep, good nutrition, and exercise. It also needs professional to care for the decaying process, doctors that is.        

I hope this helps someone.  God bless you.

Sit and Walk with Jesus,
Todd Smith

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