Wednesday, July 9, 2014

S.O.A.P. Isaiah 46 1-9

Scripture- Isaiah 46:1-9 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
The Lord says, “Bel has fallen to the ground. Nebo is kneeling before me. “Men put those idols on the backs of animals. They are only heavy burdens that must be carried. They do nothing but make people tired. But they all bowed down and fell to the ground. They couldn’t escape; they were all carried away like prisoners. “Family of Jacob, listen to me! You who are left from the family of Israel, listen! I have carried you since you left your mother’s womb. I carried you when you were born, and I will still be carrying you when you are old. Your hair will turn gray, and I will still carry you. I made you, and I will carry you to safety. “Can you compare me to anyone? No one is equal to me. You cannot understand everything about me. There is nothing like me. Some people are rich with gold and silver. Gold falls from their purses, and they weigh their silver on scales. They pay an artist to make a false god from wood. Then they bow down and worship that false god. They put their false god on their shoulders and carry it. That false god is useless; people have to carry it! People set the statue on the ground, and it cannot move. That false god never walks away from its place. People can yell at it, but it will not answer. That false god is only a statue; it cannot save people from their troubles. “Sinners, change your heart and mind. Think about this again. Remember it and be strong. Remember what happened long ago. Remember, I am God and there is no other God. There is no other like me.

Observance- In Isaiah's time men would build gods of wood or stone and have to carry them around.  Those gods became heavy and burdensome.  Those gods would weigh the people down.  We build things in our life then we have to carry them.  Many times the things that we build our lives around and on weigh us down from carrying them.  God promised the people that listened to Isaiah that he was the God who would carry them.  He was not a god that needed carrying.  God promises us the same thing.  God promises to carry me. I cannot build God or force God's hand. He carried me like a mother would carry a newborn when I was young.  He is my support and carries me as I grow older.

Application- Remember who God is, he is the one who should be carrying me. I should remember to stop trying to carry so much of my life, it is weighing me down.

Prayer- God thank you that you are carrying me today.  Lord help me to notice the things in my life that I am carrying that are weighing me down.  I repent of carrying them.  I lay them down.  I ask you to carry me.  In Jesus name. Let it be so.

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