Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Grandfather and Grandson Fishing

Tommy loved to visit his grandfather In Maine during the summer. They went fishing almost everyday. They did not use a rod and reel, instead they used a dragnet they would pull along the shoreline.  The net was much older than Tommy and Grandfather had patched it several times.  Grandfather would get into the water nearly up to his waste.  Tommy would be in the water up past his ankles.  They would slowly drag that net down the shore.  The water was not clear so neither had an idea of what they were catching.  Grandfather would swing his end around towards Tommy and the beach at just the right moment.  Both would drag the net up onto the beach away from the incoming waves.

The two would have no idea what was in the net.  So their anticipation would begin to grow. Tommy and his grandfather were hoping for shrimp, but the net was indiscriminate in what it picked up.

Besides shrimp, usually the net would catch some small fish, seaweed, and even trash. Trash got thrown into the trash bag they had brought along. After it dries out they would burn that in the fire later. Unwanted fish and seaweed would be thrown back

The shrimp, well the shrimp would be gathered into the 5 gallon pail Grandfather had brought along. When the pail was half full Tommy and his grandfather would triumphantly march back up to Grandfather's little beach house.

That night Tommy and his grandfather would feast on the days 

The kingdom of heaven is like that

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