Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Journey

Do I view life as a final picture or do I view life as a journey.  I believe the later is healthy and the former will leave me in a panic.

When I view life as a final picture or snapshot, it upsets me when part of my life does not look like the picture.  My marriage, relationship, job, health, emotions, eternity are suppose to look exactly like this.  But my picture sometimes looks blurred, uncentered, parts are cut off.  And I feel anxious.

When I view life as journey, I do not know exactly what lies ahead no matter how much I have planned. There will be a few bends in the road.  But I keep travelling on because I know the bend in the road is not my final destination.

I view walking with God as a journey through life.

I take that first step with God by trusting in him.  I put all my weight on him.

That next step is learning not to lean on my understanding through this journey.  I have an understanding of how the world should work.  But many times that leads me down the wrong path or leads me messing up on the right path.  So I lean on God's understanding of how the world should function.

That next step on this path is acknowledging God is with me.  He is the expert guide.  He knows where I should go, how fast I should go, how to use my supplies, even when to rest.  I recognize he is with me.  Even when the path grows dark, it feels like the badlands or the shadow of death I recognize he is with me.   I recognize that he is the way.

And as I do this, he makes my path straight.  He knocks down the obstacles, helps me over every challenge. Not necessarily the easiest way, but always the best way.


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