Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Loving those that are close

I know you think you should make a trip to Calcutta, but I strongly advise you
to save your airfare and spend it on the poor in your own country. It's easy to
love people far away. It's not always easy to love those who live right next to
us. There are thousands of people dying for a bit of bread, but there are
thousands more dying for a bit of love or a bit of acknowledgement. The truth is
that the worst disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis; it's being
unwanted, it's being left out, it's being forgotten.- Mother Teresa

It is hard to love people that you know so well.  They know your flaws and you know theirs.

It is hard to love people that are close because it involves a steady commitment.  Loving those far a way may involve just a one time commitment.

It is hard to love people that are close because they have hurt you and you have hurt them.

It takes repentance, forgiveness, and grace to love those close by.

Jesus is our way to do this, he came close by(God with us)(He was found in the very likeness of man).  And he loves us very close to us.

May we do the same, in Jesus name.

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