Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crab Mentality

Teach us, Lord, to deny ourselves for the sake of your kingdom. Help us distinguish self-righteous suffering from the suffering that comes from bearing our crosses as we follow you. Amen.

God's government/rule means I must rethink everything that every system has tried to teach me(deny myself).  That is not easy to do cause many of those things are good, but they are not God.  I try to get out from them but they pull me back, like a crab trying to get out of bucket of crabs.  Our friends just keep pulling us back down.

Self-righteous suffering. Suffering for the things I want and for whatever reason I am denied.  Suffering because I got what I wanted and it turns out it was not good for me.  

Suffering that comes from bearing a cross.  Death, burial, to my self.  Being a servant and not being upset when I am treated like one.  Dying to self is the only way to live, resurrection.  Death, burial, resurrection.

Statement of faith, let it be so.

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