Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4 levels of anger

1. Some are quick to become angry but are quickly calmed.
-They blow up quick, but desire to settle matters quickly
-They will say the wrong thing, but then they will apologize
-They try and work towards restoration

-Simon Peter would lose it quick, then feel bad and repent
-He drew the sword to attack, but stopped at Jesus' rebuke
-He denied Jesus quick, then went out and wept at the denial

-I know a guy that falls into this, I see him in the mirror.              

2. Some are slow to become angry but are slowly calmed.
-Long time to get mad…

-But watch out when they do

-Hold grudges for years

-King David, keep a list of his enemies

-If you keep an enemies list from years ago, you are probably this type

3. Some are quick to become angry and are slowly calmed.
-This is the worst type of anger, worst type of sin
-The volcanoes, that you must tip toe around, 
-You try and avoid this type

-They get mad and are always mad

-The whiners, chronic grumps

-Their words cut, criticize, and mostly always confrontational

-They are a joy whenever they go

-King Saul was always angry at Samuel, David, even his own son.  He attacked them all
-Cain, sin crouched at his door.  He hated his brother Abel.  He killed his brother.  Yelled at God that he was not his brother's keeper.  And was angry at God for punishing him. 
-God help us when we creep into this category.  

4. Some are slow to become angry and are quickly calmed.
-Long time to get them mad but then they settle it quickly and let it go
-We can get angry, that is not a sin
-But we must be slow to get angry.  We should become angry at things that really matter.  And our ultimate goal should be to settle our anger then reconciliation.  
-Both Joseph’s in scripture are examples of this.
-Joseph, with his coat of many colors,calm toward his brothers who sold him into slavery.
-Did not scream curses at them.
-When he had a chance at revenge he blessed them instead.
-What they meant for evil God meant for good was Joseph's mindset 

-Joseph, the soon to be husband of Mary, was calm toward Mary when he thought she had committed adultery.
-He could have had Mary stoned in that society.
-But he wanted things kept quiet to protect her. 
-He believed the vision from the angel that said what was conceived in Mary was from the Holy Spirit.
-He loved Mary and cared for her 

-Jesus got angry, but it was slowly

-Then he died on the cross for the very people that made him angry

Which category do you fall in?

Allow God to help you to move toward the 4th category.

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