Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Royal Law

Living For Jesus:
1.   Do I live out the royal law?  Does my group live out the royal law?
-James, Jesus' baby brother,  called "Love your neighbor as yourself" the Royal Law. James 2:8
-If I wan to be rewared by the King of Kings I must follow his roayl law.
-Do the groups I associate with, social, political, community, church, etc help me keep the Royal Law?
-If not I better distance myself from those groups.
2.   How can I love my neighbor as myself? 
-Neighbor means "close by"
-What tangible ways can I love those close by
-Meet their needs for encouragement, for physically care, and for love as much as I meet my own
-I must love my neighbor as much as I love myself.

3.   Who is my neighbor? Who is my enemy?  How can I treat my enemy like my neighbor?
-The test for love of God is love of neighbor
-The test for love of neighbor is love of enemy
-John says in I John 4:20 If I say I love God but hate my brother I am a liar
-The best way to love your enemy is by praying for them, by not being vengeful, and if their is an opportunity to good, then do do it.
-James 2:8 tells us if we love our neighbor as yourself we are doing right.
-Did I love my family, friends, neighbors, Obamaians, Romneyians, Muslims, Atheists, sinners of every shape and form today?  If I did, well I am doing right.    

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