Friday, September 28, 2012

25 Ways To Help You Pray

1. Pray the name of God.
2. Pray a Psalm a day.
3. Pray the Lord’s Prayer.
4. Pray From The Book of Common Prayer.
5. Pray a chapter a day in the Gospels.
6. Write, memorize, and pray individual verses.
7. Pray a verse of the week.
8. Pray a devotional book.
9. Pray a Proverb a day.
10. Pray your Bible reading schedule.
11. Pray and repray favorite Scriptures.
12. Pray in the Spirit.
13. Pray the Jesus Prayer. -Lord Jesus Christ, Son Of God, have mercy on me sinner.
14. Pray your prayer list.
15. Singing is a form of prayer.
16. Walk and pray.
17. Pray for the lost.
18. Pray for God to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Luke 11:13
19. Pray for God to send workers to do his work. Matt 9:37-38
20. Look up to pray. John 17:1
21. Look down when you pray. Luke 18:13
22. Join a prayer group.
23. Join in public prayer.
24. Journal your prayers.
25. Silence is prayer. Ps 46:10

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