Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Take Me To The Other Side

-Mark 4:35 That day when evening came, he said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side.

1. Jesus goes to the other side.

-The west side of the Sea of Galilee was the Jewish side, Nazareth, Cana, Capernaum.
-The east side Of the Sea of Galilee was the 10 cities of the Gentiles.
-THEY lived on the other side
-Jesus had heard the scream of one of these Gentiles that lived on the OTHER SIDE.  A man that had his many demons, lived in a funeral home next to a pig farm.

2. Consider the Jewish perspective of this man.

-He was the ultimate outcast.
-You couldn’t get more unkosher than this man.
-He is a gentile.
-Demon possessed.
-Lives among the dead, corpses.
-Lives among pigs, are you kidding me.
-He only lived 7 miles from Capernaum, the Town where Jesus based his ministry,  but it might as well been 7 million miles away.

3. Stay on your own side.

-We have a side they have a side.
-Don’t cross over, a traitor if you do.
-I am grieved by our "us verses them" war we fight.
-Which side our you own?
-You must pick a side, be ready to fight those who are on that side.
-That side looks at the world different than we do on this side.
-They don't like us on that side.  And that is true.
-After Jesus helped the man the town people told Jesus, "Go back to your own side."

4. Other side means, "to pierce through."

-Not easy to go the other side.
-Not comfortable on the other side.
-The other side is different.
-THEY dress different, think different, vote different, speak different, believe different on the other side.
-You must pierce through public opinion, your own side's fear, hate, and on and on.
-Jesus goes to the other side to break down dividing walls.
-He is our peace, he has broken down every wall.
-There was a man screaming out for help on the other side.
-There has to be a better way than these wars we are fighting.
-The better way is the Jesus Way.
-The Jesus Way pierces through to the other side.

From Mark My Words Part 5

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