Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Memory

Alright, here's the deal. A memory that I will never forget.

I bought my mother a book for mother's day, "Leading On Empty" by Wayne Cordeiro. I ordered it from Amazon and had it sent to her. I thought she would really like this book. Unfortunately my timing was bad and the book would not arrive until today, 3 days after mother's day.

I went to my mailbox this afternoon and found a package for me. I opened it and there was the book "Leading On Empty." I was upset, ignorant Amazon had sent the book to me instead of my mother, I thought. So I called mama and told her I had her present here and would have to mail it to her. She said that was fine, and not to worry about the mix up.

As I was getting ready for church I started thinking. I went back and examined the envelop the book had arrived at my house in. It was in my mother's handwriting. So, now I am confused. I start thinking my mother had received the book and had mailed it back to me. So, I have to call her back.

I ask her if she got the book and mailed it to me. Up to this point she did not know it was a book I sent her. She told me that she had not. She told me that she had found a coupon for a book in a magazine while she was at the beauty shop and sent away for it. It was a coupon to get the book for free, by the way. Guess what book it was. You got it, "Leading On Empty" by Wayne Cordeiro. My mother had gotten the book, read it, thought I would like it, mailed it to me. And right now in, in her P.O. Box, is the very same book. They crossed in the mail.

Out of the millions of books I could have chosen for her, out of the millions of books she could have chosen for me, what are the odds we would get the same book? I have never sent my mother a book, never.

I have been amazed by this memory, all day. And I will always have a story to tell.


Sew Fun Design said...

That is great. So glad you had this fun with your mum today:)

Gloria said...

Thank you so much for sharing that with us at Wed. nite services. It could have only happened by Divine intervention. What a precious memory to have forever.

Pastor Todd said...

It was fun. It will always be with me.