Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. My favorite from this past week was going to the carnival with my wife and daughter.  It was E's first time to ride amusement park rides.  She had no fear.  We did get on one ride called The Zipper, about half way through the ride she said, " Maybe this one was a mistake, Daddy, "  We had a fantastic time.  That is us in the middle on the Pirate Ship.  I have on a green shirt.

2. "The Ascension" sermon from Sunday was powerful.  Many have commented on the importance of this message.  The Ascension should and will be a part of Living Hope.  Jesus is not far away.  Jesus is ruling from the oval office of the universe.  He is empowering us to work for him.  Even when life is out of control, Jesus is still in control.

3. Wednesday night's message was important as well.  "How To Pray: The Psalms Part 1."  Many people would say that they are not very god at praying.  I believe one of the reasons that is so is because they do not understand the importance of the Psalms when it comes to prayer.  This message will improve your prayer life.

4. What was one of your favorite things from this past week?

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