Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. Our Good Friday service remains my favorite service of the year. It was very sacred. Our communion time was very powerful. Here is our message from Good Friday. A special thank you to our deacons that served communion, it was very powerful.

2. Easter Sunday was full of energy. I think I will always remember that particular day. The flowers Living Hope gave away was a great reminder that Christ turns garbage dumps into gardens. We are called to do the same in His name. I am ready for this Sunday.

3. My favorite article of the week was "Help Your Members Prepare a Testimony." These are four good questions we ask that will help tell our story of connecting with Jesus' story: What was my life was like before I met Jesus? How did I realized I needed Jesus? How did I committed my life to Jesus? What difference Jesus has made in my life?

4. This is the find of the week. My wife was looking for something at a thrift store, by the way she really dislikes thrift stores, when she came across this baby music player. This is the same player our daughter had when she was a baby. I can't tell you how many times I have heard this song. Memories came pouring back.

5. What was a favorite thing that happened to you this week?


Unknown said...

My favorite thing this week was finding the music box. You stole my favorite thing idea. Oh well, I guess I will change my favorite thing to putting E to bed and playing the music box.

Sew Fun Design said...

Having everyone over for Easter Dinner & prime rib:)

PS I too can sing most of the music on Elizabeth's music box too!

Pastor Todd said...

Yeah that music box is great

latest video games said...

this music box is so to other one