Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. Well my birthday week was concluded with Rib-eye steaks on the grill and cheesecake for dessert. Now that is how you pick a birthday meal, if I do say so myself. Thanks Ben and Loreen.

2. A good portion of our week has been watching a mama duck make her nest beside the front door of our house. We named her Pato. Although everyone that sees her calls it a him. She has laid four eggs in our flower bed. They better hatch before our new windows arrive next month. I heard a duck's nest near your home is good luck, or maybe I made that up.

3. I enjoyed going with my daughter to the library's "super hero night" I wish I had a Green Lantern costume and would have nerded it up by dressing up. Elizabeth made a costume while we were there, Lady Bug Girl. More powerful than a bee, faster than a junebug, it's Lady Bug Girl.

4. We are about to start Holy Week. Palm Sunday is this Sunday. I am looking forward to our Good Friday service, Communion together that night will be very sacred. We will take an offering for our "Care Fund," and look for ways to meet people's needs in a tangible way. Easter Sunday we will celebrate our risen Lord.

5. My favorite article of the week was, "A Scripture You Don't Believe." God loves small things. Ordinary people. Insignificant gifts and undramatic acts. I always want things to be bigger, more expensive, more popular. God has chosen the insignificant things in this world to display his glory. A boys lunch of fish and bread, the widows small offering, little towns, Bethlehem and Nazareth, and the cross. Help us to give our offerings no matter how small. To share our faith no matter how weak. To give our testimony no matter how undramatic. To encourage our neighbor, no matter how small or young or ungifted or ordinary.

6. What was one of your favorite things from this past week?

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Sew Fun Design said...

Having cheesecake & steak with my family!