Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pure In Heart

Being pure in heart is not just a status, it is a journey.

If it is just a status, if I had a bad week I lose my pure heart. I am not sure if I will get it back. It depends on how bad I messed up. So it can't be just a status.

It is the younger son, dirty, in a pigpen, knowing he has wasted everything his father gave him, saying I am going home.

It is the older son, setting on the front porch, mad at his younger brother, mad at his father for welcoming home his younger brother, hopefully saying enough of this pouting, I am going inside and enjoying the party.

It is walking with Jesus in the light. It is cleaning the dirty windows of our souls. It is confessing the things that need to be confessed and then continuing the journey.

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Anonymous said...

Great incite. Great sermon. Great you.