Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SOAP- Nahum 3:1

S- Nahum 3:1What sorrow awaits Nineveh, the city of murder and lies! She is crammed with wealth and is never without victims.

O- Nahum one of the 12 minor prophets of Israel is a short, 3 chapter book, that is very challenging. Nahum writes about the sins of Nineveh, that at one time Nineveh had repented of during the time of Jonah, but are now going to be judged for them. Judgment is not easy to read about, but is even harder to go through. Nineveh was filled with lies, murder, and they used their wealth to victimize people. If our hearts are full of those dark sins, judgment will follow.

A- I must repent of my sins and receive the grace of God.

P - God forgive me/us of my/our debts, as we forgive my/our debtors.

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