Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 Reasons I Loved This Day

1. The Weather is perfect. Thank you LORD. 75 and a nice breeze, need I say more.

2. My wife brought me a cup of coffee, while I was sitting in the shade reading a book. Thank you dear.

3. The book I am reading is life out loud funny, entertaining, and educational. Now that's for a good book. Lonesome Dove is the name of the book.

4. I saw most of my neighbors this morning. I have really good neighbors. It is easy to love thy, for me. We took the next door neighbors, Anna and Laura, with us to the library this morning. Went with our neighbor, Jenn, to the farmer's market.

5. Talked to Johnny and Sara Ellen on the phone. They are from South Carolina. They are always cheerful, they will cheer up any one's day. I told Sara Ellen about my book, and she was excited.

6. I am sitting in one my favorite places on Earth as I write this blog. I am under the maple tree in my backyard on a blanket with Monica and Elizabeth. We just had a nice picnic. Good food, good weather, and my two favorite girls.

7. Finally, the reason I loved this day is, this day is only half over. Maybe the best is yet to come. It will have to be really good to beat my day so far.

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