Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dedicated Children

Today Living Hope dedicated 4 children to the Lord. I charged the parents with these words from Deut 6:4-9 and Psalms 78. I also charge myself as a parent and all parents that may read this with these 4 charges.

1. Be an example of daily walking humbly with God.
-Children will not do what you say they will do what you do. We must live rightly if we want our children to live rightly.

2. Look for opportunities daily to teach right living.
-Your children do not have your years of experience and wisdom so don't assume they do. Every situation is a teaching situation. Everywhere we go is a classroom. Don't miss the opportunites that come along while watching a movie, playing a game, or shopping at a store to teach your children.

3. See their potential and speak words of life.
-This is one my favorite things to do with my daughter. Every morning before she got on the school bus for about a minute I would speak words of encouragement to her. I tell she is great, beautiful, smart, funny, nice, good, kind, etc, etc, etc. When the world gets tough I want to have words of life to carry her through those times.

4. Pray daily for your children.
-Everyday you should call your child's name out to God. Prayer is powerful and effective. I want God's blessing on my child's life so I pray for her.

In Jesus' Service,

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